Business Capability – a key to success.

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Central to the success of a business are the capabilities that it has available through which it can deliver on its defined strategy.

Individual capabilities can exist at various levels of maturity and whilst they may be being used the question always needs to be asked : Are they as effective as they should be?

An athlete for example may be quite capable of running and completing a marathon but are they capable of winning a race?

The ability to be able to successfully deliver products and services to the customer base of a business is tied up with the maturity of its capabilities.

Establishing and understanding the relationship between each business capability and

  • the strategy it supports;
  • dependent products and Services;
  • its information requirements;
  • delivered business functions and
  • supporting business processes

as well as a setting a benchmark against which it should be measured provides a structure through which the maturity and hence the success of the business can be improved.

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