‘Business on a Page’

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'Business on a Page'

As both a communication and decision making tool the ability to represent your business on a page can be extremely powerful.

A ‘Business on a Page’ provides a visualisation, at least at a high level of

• Who are your suppliers;
• What products and Services you offer;
• Which Channels you deliver through;
• Who are your customers;
• What Markets to you operate within;
• What Capabilities does the Business have;
• Who are your Competitors.

With a visual representation of the business it is reasonable to then use it, with a series of overlays, to gain insight into

• How investments are being made;
• Where investments should be made;
• Which part of the business reap the greatest benefit;
• Which Markets should be targeted;
• Who is responsible for what;
• Operational maturity.

As a medium over which important aspects of the business can expressed a ‘Business on a Page’ coupled with a series of point in time overlays also provides a means to communicate how business strategy is being realised and consequently provides both insight on where the business is heading and what areas of the business should be concentrated on in future.

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