Behavioural Motivators: The need to succeed.

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There are obviously many different behavioural motivators that drive or inhibit the work ethic of an individual. Many of these can be leveraged or exploited to drive real benefit in the business world.

The Need to achieve: achievement behaviour is an interaction between situational variables and the individual subject’s motivation to achieve. An individual’s motivation can be either implicit where they are driven by spontaneous impulses to act through incentives inherent in the tasks they are undertaking or explicit where their actions are driven by outside influences.

Maintaining a working environment where the tasks undertaken by the individual are in themselves interesting and intrinsically challenging encourages implicit behaviour. Additionally, a business, with a culture of rewards and recognition, provides an environment that strongly encourages the explicit individual to strive for succeed in each of their endeavours.

This desire to achieve can however be perverted when the rewards rather than the achievement become the central focus.

Greed, with all of it negative and destructive connotations unfortunately can become the prime motivator. Balancing the rewards offered against the personal satisfaction provided by the achievement itself becomes crucial.

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