Boiling the Ocean

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Attempting to ‘Boil the Ocean’ is a term that springs to mind when reflecting on many of the Enterprise Architecture endeavours I have seen undertaken over the years. Whilst the end goals were laudable the ability to actually reach them was severely impacted by the magnitude of the task.

Hindsight would be useful if it could be applied before the architecture work were commenced. Rather than futilely attempting to do it all it would have been far more useful to have built segments of the architecture in sufficient depth and breadth to be of actually use.

An Agile approach to Architecture development would have been more productive. Establishing architecture content in sufficient detail to address defined questions in parts of the business whilst keeping an eye on the shape of the overall architecture would provide for realising business benefit faster whilst simultaneously constraining unmanaged growth.

Taking smaller bites of the architectural landscape equates to ‘boiling the thimble of water’: a much easier proposition.

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