Left or Right Brained Architects

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A person who is left-brained is often referred to as being more logical, analytical and objective than their right-brained counterpart who is regarded as being more intuitive, thoughtful and subjective.

A question could be asked regarding the attributes that are necessary to be a good Business or Enterprise Architect. Certainly being able to analyse the requirements of a business and applying logical processes in order to establish the need and priority of developing supporting initiatives is highly desirable.

But how then are these initiatives to be defined?

Being able to think outside of the box and with the ability to take that ‘leap of faith’ that an idea could work is often the prerequisite for the business initiative that is truly innovative.

Decisions to proceed may result more from the application of ‘gut feeling’ rather than logic. Risks may be greater but so may the rewards.

In reality the Business and Enterprise Architect will display aspects of both right and left brained behaviour. It is the balance and the amount of interaction between the two, managing the risks though logic that were raised through intuition, which will determine their success.

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